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[S1E3] Puppet Patrol TOP

The Paraguay stuff is so absurd, and delightful. From their encounter with tourist/hopeful meta Steve, to the surreal Fuchtopia, a traditional German village for the Nazi mad scientist Heinrich von Fuchs. The robot puppets, three-hour-long marionette orientation presentation, evil lair imagery is all pulpy, odd, and really fun to watch. And the puppet show is a fun way to reveal the connection between Caulder and Mr. Nobody (formerly Eric Morden of the 1930s supervillain team, the Brotherhood of Evil).

[S1E3] Puppet Patrol


As the trio wait for the bus with Steve, who says that he doesn't know what The Morden is and he can't afford it so he's getting magnet feet instead. A bus arrives and takes them to the jungle village of Fuchtopia. A greeter, Greta, tells them that the orientation is about to begin. She takes them to a theater where a puppet of Von Fuchs explains his life story. A lot. Eventually, Hitler found his ideas interesting.

The Fuchs puppets say that he came to Paraguay after World War II and was transforming Morden when Niles came in and shot Fuchs and Morden, took Fuchs' satchel, and left. However, Morden transformed into Nobody anyway, and now Fuchs' descendants continue his legacy by selling people superpowers. Steve applauds as the show ends.

As Larry reaches for John, Cliff opens the pod and Larry reverts back to his bandaged self. Larry walks out, and Jane turns into Sun Daddy to destroy the lab. Once she's done, the three of them go back to the village and find Vic and Rita there. Vic directs them to the jet, and Jane gives Rita the Niles puppet. On the ride back, Larry looks out the window and remembers the past.

The orientation at the Fuchtopia theme-park is delivered through a puppet show. The marionettes would be disturbing enough, even if they weren't being used to tell the life's story of a Nazi mad scientist over the course of several hours. Things take a disturbing yet informative turn, however, when the show reaches the moment where Von Fuchs' transformed Eric Morden into Mr. Nobody.

It's revealed Dr. Niles Caulder shot Von Fuchs, apparently killing him, in order to steal "something of great value". The puppet show goes on to say that Dr. Caulder also attempted to disrupt the process that empowered Eric Morden but ultimately failed. This begs the question - just what was it that The Chief stole from Von Fuchs?

Von Fuchs' ultimately reveals himself as a twisted opposite of Crazy Jane - one mind controlling the bodies of his "descendants" who run Fuchtopia. Silver Tongue eventually ends the Nazi mad scientist's life, throwing three carefully chosen words into his chest. This seems to kill all of Von Fuchs' other bodies as well, as the descendants who were running the puppet show and powering the machine keeping Von Fuchs' body alive are seen to slump over. Still, there is a possibility that one of them is playing dead and that Von Fuchs was able to transfer his mind into one still-healthy body.

When they arrive in Fuchtopoia, Crazy Jane, Larry and Cliff are joined by Steve - a tourist and Von Fuchs fanboy who has come to have his dreams of metahuman glory made a reality. Steve mysteriously disappears from the episode after the orientation puppet show. His fate is revealed in the final scene; he was in one of the chambers in Von Fuchs lab when Crazy Jane set it on fire. Somehow, Steve survived, but is now a gestalt creature with a second dinosaur head, a bunch of celery for a right hand and a geode running down the left side of his body.

Doom Patrol has proven so far it likes to do one really weird sequence per episode that Brendan Fraser can yell obscenities at. This week, that delightful puppet sequence really stole the show and got the best reaction out of heroes. In a clear homage to Jurassic Park, Robotman, Crazy Jane and Negative Man had to sit and listen to the Nazi scientist who gave Mr. Nobody his powers put on an extravagant puppet show that explained his history and what he was doing at the facility. It was the perfect amount of weird and funny.

The Doom Patrol meets their subconscious selves as we recap Season 3, Episode 8 "Subconscious Patrol". With the Eternal Flagellation in full force, our heroes are brought face to face with their worst moments. From puppets, to action figures, to blow and racecars, let's break down all the big moments.

I built and painted the control panel set piece, as well as miniature art supplies and puppet parts for a scene where a puppet builds a puppet. The miniature gun was sculpted by me, molded and cast by Elliott Boswell and painted by Vii Kelly. I also fabricated the hat, which is was made with fosshape, wonderflex, and felt.

Molly began her film career working by day full time in the art department for shows like The Carbonaro Effect and The Walking Dead. By night, she has always championed independent film. With a solid core and hands-on experience behind her, Molly has now lent her design, and fabrication skills to television shows such as Stan Against Evil, Brockmire and FX series Atlanta, feature films like Steel Country and V/H/S Viral and even stage and puppetry shows. 041b061a72


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