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World Conqueror 3 Play

Tutorial is a campaign for beginning players as a introduction to the mechanics of World Conqueror 3. There are 3 tutorial campaign levels, each unlocked after one another, starting with Tutorial I.

World Conqueror 3 Play

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In this strategy game, you will train your men in military academies and promote them until they reach the rank of a general. Explore the world and see the wonders it has to offer while fighting battles and securing the sovereign of your country.

Some of the notable features of the game include 32 historical campaigns, 45 challenges in five modes, and 42 world wonders. It also features conqueror achievements, auto-battle, and real-time PvP battles. In addition, the game also features 50 countries, 200 iconic generals, 12 types of technology, a seamless world map, and much more.

Well now, thanks to a puny civilian known as The Swain and his clever world domination simulator, you can test your schemes and stratagems without the nagging twinge of guilt that comes with executing legions of your idiot henchmen. It's called Mastermind: World Conqueror, and it takes the form of a humble real-time strategy game.

You play Mastermind using only the mouse. Your goal is to destroy the world: a worthy exploit, if a bit short-sighted. Your time will be divided between planning and defense. The behind-the-scenes work is driven by a swarm of icons and menus. You can plan and execute missions, hire new vassals from an broad and colorful rogue's gallery (although that color is mostly red), bolster the defenses for your base, and even purchase legitimate businesses to help fund your fledgling empire. Just like in real life.

The level of depth is fantastic; although you always have to devote a certain amount of energy to cash, combat, and science, there are multiple paths to every goal. While you must play a megalomaniac, your choices will define what kind of megalomaniac you are, be it a big-city financier with ties to the mob or a moon-dwelling pariah with an arsenal of lasers and a robot as your second-in-command.

That being said, the difficulty is probably set too low, and a handful of unbalanced exploitable strategies make it even easier. Without a significant threat to your well-being, the stakes seem inconsequential, even with the fate of the entire world on the line. This is a fairly long game, and the lack of challenge can make it feel repetitive. One thing that would help is keyboard shortcuts. The entirely mouse-driven menu system can get to be a drag.

I've always wanted to play a game like this. its about time one showed up. thought I would have to make it myself (I have way too many projects on my todo list) Definitely going to play it later, no time now.

this game is no where near as fun as it could have been. I don't regret the time I put into it, but chances are I'm not going back to play it again. the game seems to follow a strict formula of minimal risk/minimal rewards. all the money you get is put into buying more minions so that you can steal the technology you need to upgrade your minions, which is rather unnecessary, because your minions are set to handle just about anything right from the start of the game. Its a nice try, and all of the art work and sound/voice overs are nice, definitely a notch above most browser based games. but its not enough to hold interest to the end of the game

Love it. The humor and atmosphere is spot-on, and the gameplay is very good. You pretty much have to decide on a contingency plan early on, otherwise you'll end up stretching resources too thin trying to buy everything. Very good game.

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In both modes, World Conqueror X brings a few unique wrinkles to the otherwise standard strategy template. Morale plays a heavy role, for instance; units who are surrounded or flanked will lose morale, and have lowered defences as a result, while troops just after a decisive win might get a boost to their attack power. You can also raise spirits by building certain amenities in cities you control, or by calling in the big guns with one of the many generals available for recruitment.

I'm not a fan of removing swastikas and rising suns; if it's a game about history it should be represented faithfully, as abhorrent as it was. But I understand that an EU version of the game would hide away the swastikas due to German laws. And it is on a Nintendo console at the end of the day. But one could argue that hammer and sickle similarly shouldn't get a pass. As a Polish person I have no love for either. "Invade Poland" as an objective doesn't trigger me, that's what has happened and I'd rather not have people forget my country's history. Not to mention it's fun to play "the bad guy"

The gameplay sounds interesting and pretty solid to me. But I wish they'd done an alternate history approach or just fictional countries. I don't mind playing a game like Civ 6 because clearly Germany wasn't a force in the 200 AD and was never allied with the Aztecs. But if I am gonna play a game that is based on real history, I'd rather not champion a country that tried wiping out entire races, or an Empire that was particularly brutal to it's enemies.

World Conqueror 3 has very amazing action gameplay and people have to play action games more than racing games because there are more exciting moments available in the action games that increase the thriller of the players. In this game you can play the role of many journals as this game is all about World War and you can see our real game environment of different world wars.

World Conqueror 3 Apk provides me with a lot of thrilling features and in this game you can play the role of generals that have to complete all the missions and targets that are given to them and you can also defeat all the Enemies that are in the game and then you can easily win the Wars. You have to make different strategies in order to win the game.

This game play environment is very amazing and you can see the impressive movements of World War all over the game because this game is all about World War 2. You can see a lot of features that give you the realistic feeling of playing in the world war game environment and you have to play very strategically.

In this game there are a lot of roles available and you can play the role of our general who is trying to lead his team against the Enemies. You have to make your team very powerful in order to protect yourself from different battles and Enemies that are trying to kill you in the wars.

The main mission of this game is to defeat all the Enemies and opponents that are playing against you and you have to tell them by using your special weapons and different Strategies and by winning the wars you can earn a lot of money and different rewards that will help you a lot in the game.

The controls of the game are very simple and delicate. You can learn how to play this game very easily because the controls are so simple and easy to use and you don't have to struggle a lot in order to learn how to use the controls.

In this game you have to make a lot of strategies in order to win because this game is all about Strategies and you have to play this game very strategically in order to win because the Enemies are so sharp and powerful and you have to play this game very attentively.

This game is so worth downloading because in this game you can get a chance to experience the real life of the general and you have to play the role of a general in world war who has to complete all the missions and tasks that are provided to him. You have to make different strategies in order to win the battles from the enemies.

World Conqueror 3 Mod Apk is one of the best strategy action game play and you have to play this game very attentively as the game is very serious and you have to play this game very attentively in order to win the battle against the Enemies that are coming to you.

To conquer the challenges that this game offers, including more than 150 missions of commanding and military construction or more than 30 historical campaigns with three levels that the game provides extremely difficult requires the team The army that the player builds should be superior. To do that, the player must complete the initial tasks that the game offers and create the most reasonable strategy to strengthen and strengthen the military power.

With five different game modes as five challenges that World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy sets for players, to prove themselves as a skilled and capable leader, players must overcome five of these modes with 45 different challenges. The variety of modes will partly help players not get bored. Instead, it will attract players more, the experience with the game will be more enjoyable.

From the scenarios that World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy has built, players will be immersed in different world war contexts includes four methods through the years and periods in the fierce war period. In addition, players can choose the countries they want to fight, from the strategies that have been set out before, with their creative direction, attack at the right time, and know-how to back off when necessary. From which will win easily and avoid unfortunate defeat.

With highly realistic graphics, players will feel like immersing themselves in real space in a fierce war period such as World War II, the cold war, or modern war and covering more than 50 different countries, over 200 famous generals through historical periods. There are 148 large and small units available for players to experience freely.


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