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which of the multiple projects you have in the works do you find most exciting and what can we expect from the future? i have been working on a lot of different things, and i think the new meshuggah album is the most important thing i am working on. i cannot wait to share the album with the world, and with that meshuggah is going to have a huge year. i am working on a new faster faster album with rhapsody of fire, and a studio album with my new band with abbath, riptide, and i am doing a new ozzy osbourne album with ozzy and rob halford. i am doing a tv show with my good friend yanni, i am helping on some new albums by a band from sweden and then i am producing a new skinny puppy album. i am doing a little mixdown work here and there and of course i am a part owner and head of programming at puk studio. i am enjoying all this, and i can not wait to see what is going to happen in the year 2016.

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arguably the most iconic building in las vegas, the bellagio fuses luxury and style with the unparalleled services of some of the best-known names in las vegas entertainment. bellagio's guest rooms and suites provide a relaxing haven from the excitement of the city. every bellagio guest room and suite has been uniquely designed, blending comfort, elegance and sophisticated style with outstanding amenities including the bellagio reserve spa, jacuzzi and pool.

the atem 4 m/e broadcast studio 4k's intuitive advanced chroma keyer panel allows you to precisely select both the front and rear panels that will be the basis for your key. just like the sdx model, the advanced chroma keyers features an efficient auto mode, but the ability to manually select the red, green and blue colorization of the image for each key panel. this is especially useful for live events, as it allows you to precisely control the hue and saturation of each key panel with the click of a button.


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