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Download 12-SAMSS-007 PDF for Free: The Complete Reference for Saudi Aramco Materials System Specification

12-SAMSS-007 PDF Free Download: What Is It and How to Get It


If you are involved in any structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication projects in Saudi Arabia, chances are you have heard of 12-SAMSS-007. This is a materials system specification (MSS) issued by Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil company and one of the largest companies in the world. But what exactly is 12-SAMSS-007, and why is it important? And more importantly, how can you get a copy of it for free?

In this article, I will answer all these questions and more. I will explain what 12-SAMSS-007 is, what it covers, and what benefits and challenges it brings. I will also show you how to download 12-SAMSS-007 for free from various sources, and what steps and precautions you need to take. Finally, I will give you some tips on how to view and edit the document using the best tools and software available.

12-samss-007 pdf free download

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of what 12-SAMSS-007 is, why it matters, and how to get it. So let's get started.

What is 12-SAMSS-007?

A brief overview of the document

12-SAMSS-007 is a materials system specification (MSS) that defines the requirements for material selection, connections, detailing, fabrication, galvanizing, painting and coatings, marking for erection and delivery of structural and miscellaneous steel onshore structures. It applies to all Saudi Aramco projects that involve structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication, such as buildings, bridges, towers, tanks, platforms, pipe racks, etc.

The document was first issued in May 2006 and has been revised several times since then. The latest version was published in September 2006 and has a planned update in May 2009. The document is written in English and has 29 pages.

The main sections and requirements of the document

12-SAMSS-007 consists of seven main sections and one appendix. These are:

  • Section 1: Scope. This section defines the scope of the document and its applicability to different types of structures.

  • Section 2: Conflicts and Deviations. This section specifies how to resolve any conflicts or deviations from the document or other relevant standards.

  • Section 3: References. This section lists all the reference documents that are used or cited in the document.

  • Section 4: Products and Materials. This section specifies the materials that can be used for structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication, such as plates, shapes, tubulars, bolts, nuts, washers, etc. It also provides tables for material equivalency between ASTM and other standards.

  • Section 5: Galvanizing, Painting and Coating. This section specifies the requirements for galvanizing, painting and coating of structural or miscellaneous steel, such as the types, thicknesses, colors, and application methods of the coatings.

  • Section 6: Fabrication. This section specifies the requirements for fabrication of structural or miscellaneous steel, such as the tolerances, welding, cutting, drilling, punching, bending, forming, etc. It also provides tables for bolt hole sizes and edge distances.

  • Section 7: Inspection and Testing. This section specifies the requirements for inspection and testing of structural or miscellaneous steel, such as the frequency, methods, acceptance criteria, and documentation of the inspections and tests.

  • Appendix A: Marking for Erection and Delivery. This appendix specifies the requirements for marking of structural or miscellaneous steel for erection and delivery, such as the types, sizes, locations, and information of the marks.

As you can see, 12-SAMSS-007 covers a lot of aspects and details of structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication. It is a comprehensive and rigorous document that ensures the quality and safety of the structures.

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The benefits and challenges of following the document

Following 12-SAMSS-007 has many benefits for both Saudi Aramco and its contractors. Some of these benefits are:

  • It ensures that the structures are designed and built according to the best engineering practices and standards.

  • It reduces the risk of failures, defects, accidents, and delays in the projects.

  • It enhances the performance, durability, and reliability of the structures.

  • It improves the communication and coordination between Saudi Aramco and its contractors.

  • It facilitates the inspection and approval process of the structures.

However, following 12-SAMSS-007 also poses some challenges for both Saudi Aramco and its contractors. Some of these challenges are:

  • It requires a high level of technical knowledge and expertise to understand and apply the document.

  • It imposes strict and sometimes complex requirements that may not be easy or feasible to meet in some cases.

  • It may increase the cost and time of the projects due to the additional materials, processes, inspections, and tests involved.

  • It may create conflicts or deviations with other standards or specifications that are used in the projects.

  • It may not be readily available or accessible to all parties involved in the projects.

Therefore, following 12-SAMSS-007 requires careful planning, coordination, communication, and execution from both Saudi Aramco and its contractors. It also requires constant updating and revising to keep up with the latest developments and innovations in the field.

Why is 12-SAMSS-007 important?

The role of 12-SAMSS-007 in Saudi Aramco projects

Saudi Aramco is one of the largest oil companies in the world. It produces about 10% of the world's crude oil supply. It also operates a vast network of refineries, pipelines, terminals, power plants, petrochemical plants, and other facilities across Saudi Arabia and beyond. These facilities require a lot of structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication to support their operations and expansion.

12-SAMSS-007 is one of the key documents that Saudi Aramco uses to ensure that its structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication projects are done according to its standards and expectations. It is part of Saudi Aramco's materials engineering standards (MES) system, which consists of various documents that cover different aspects of materials engineering for its projects. These documents include:

  • MES: Materials Engineering Standards. These are general documents that define the scope, objectives, responsibilities, procedures, references, definitions, and abbreviations for materials engineering.

  • MSS: Materials System Specifications. These are specific documents that define the requirements for materials selection, fabrication, inspection, testing, and delivery for different types of materials, such as metals, plastics, composites, etc.

  • MTS: Materials Testing Standards. These are detailed documents that define the methods and procedures for conducting various types of materials testing, such as mechanical, chemical, physical, etc.

  • MTR: Materials Technical Reports. These are informative documents that provide guidance and recommendations on various topics related to materials engineering, such as corrosion, welding, coating, etc.

12-SAMSS-007 is one of the most widely used MSS documents in Saudi Aramco projects. It is mandatory for all structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication projects that are executed by Saudi Aramco or its contractors. It is also referenced by other MES documents that deal with related topics, such as 12-SAMSS-008 (Structural Steel Erection), 12-SAMSS-009 (Structural Steel Design), and 12-SAMSS-010 (Structural Steel Inspection).

By following 12-SAMSS-007, Saudi Aramco and its contractors ensure that their structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication projects are consistent, compatible, and compliant with Saudi Aramco's standards and expectations. This helps them achieve their goals of delivering high-quality, safe, and reliable structures that meet their operational and business needs.

The advantages of using 12-SAMSS-007 for structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication

Using 12-SAMSS-007 for structural or miscellaneous steel fabrication has many advantages for both Saudi Aramco and its contractors. Some of these advantages are:

It provides a clear and comprehensive set


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