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In 1955, Bryan McNulty, a University of Ottawa student and associate editor for the Fulcrum and Thomas White, decided to promote the rivalry between their school and Carleton University. They asked a local jeweller, Jack Snow, to donate a stuffed panda that would be named "Pedro" to be used as a Gee-Gee mascot (as they had not adopted the Gee-Gee horse mascot yet).[1] McNulty and White later convinced Snow to display the panda in his front window and then organized the first "Pandanapping", a ritual in which Pedro would be stolen from each campus in various ways. "Pandanapping" would progress over the years to the point where major vandalism was involved and almost jeopardized the game's future.


Official Trash Pandas merchandise is available in The Junkyard Team Store located adjacent to the Bill Penney Toyota Plaza. The store is open year-round. Souvenirs are also available in-game at The Junkyard. The Emporium at Bridge Street is also open throughout the year with varying hours. Merchandise is always available online at

Tickets may not be resold on the property of Toyota Field or in the parking areas that surround it and tickets associated with such transactions are subject to confiscation. We highly recommend fans ONLY purchase tickets through or the Wicks Family Foundation Box Office.

One of the greatest joys of having a giant panda cub is being able to observe how he interacts with his mother, Mei Xiang. Over the past two decades, she has been a wonderful mother to cubs Tai Shan, Bao Bao, Bei Bei and now Xiao Qi Ji. Mei Xiang is equally as serious about motherhood as she is about food; regular #PandaStory update readers may remember that each of our adults receive between 70 and 100 pounds of bamboo a day to eat, depending on the time of year.

Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji received a new rubber kong toy this week! He liked it so much, he brought it on the scale for his weekly weigh-in. As of April 13, Xiao Qi Ji weighed 38 pounds (17.28 kilograms).

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Move over Po, the pot-bellied kung-fu panda in the movies, because there are new shaolin stars around. It turns out red pandas are not only skilful acrobats in real life but are the kick-ass Chinese mammals of a new card game from Morning Games. Ha-cha!

Namra, the creator of Aka, recently endured every indie game developer's nightmare: a mixed reception at launch. In Aka, players take on the role of a red panda by the same name as the game, and adapt to island life much like farmers flocking to Stardew Valley and other similar cozy titles. But unlike AAA juggernauts, indie titles often lack the resources to bounce back or course correct after making a rough first impression.

For questions regarding merchandise and order status, call the Rocket City Trash Pandas Official Online Store directly at 256-325-1403 ext. 7 or email For more team information, visit , the official website of the Rocket City Trash Pandas.

KUNG FU PANDA is a video game based on the animated movie of the same name where Po the panda, a lowly waiter in his dad's noodle restaurant, dreams of being a kung fu master like his heroes, the Furious Five. When an unlikely series of events finds Po named the next Dragon Warrior, he must hone his kung fu skills to not only prove that he is worthy of the honor, but to defeat the evil Tai Lung, who wants the title for himself.

Given the film's kung fu theme, the game has a decent excuse for featuring combat so prominently in the gameplay. Po is pitted against wave after wave of bad guys from different gangs (like the boars, crocodiles, and so on). The panda has a number of kicks, punches, and special moves at his disposal, and players also occasionally get to step into the shoes of the Furious Five characters to take advantage of special abilities like Master Crane's ability to fly. The game generally tackles fighting with an over-the-top, humorous approach that frequently pokes fun at Po's lazy attitude and less-than-athletic physique. Levels might also contain door switch puzzles, sinking platforms, ledge-climbing, rope-walking, and other challenges. Finally, a multiplayer mode lets up to four friends compete against each other in mini-games like target shooting and four-on-four brawling.

The game ties-in with the popular animated film, and follows the story of Po, a slacker of a panda who has aspirations of becoming a great Kung Fu warrior. Gameplay consists largely of three-dimensional platforming mixed with beat-em-up combat. Like the movie it is based off of, it has elements of humor and light-hearted fighting.

In the Valley of Peace, a region of ancient China filled with various walking, talking animals, Po is a panda who is largely unsuccessful and unmotivated. His only job is helping his father (who is a goose) with his noodle soup business, a career he doesn't particularly care for. He does, however, dream (and daydream) of becoming a Kung Fu master. One day, he attempts to see a ceremony in which the new Dragon Warrior is crowned; it is expected that one of Master Shifu's elite students, the Furious Five, will become the Dragon Warrior. Po finds that he is late, and he rockets into the ceremony by strapping himself to a set of fireworks; as he lands, he is unexpectedly selected as the Dragon Warrior. Po must train and prove himself to Shifu and the Five while stopping malicious animals from invading the Valley of Peace, and he must also deal with Tai Lung, a former student of Shifu who became too ambitious and aggressive. 2b4c41e320


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