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Ween Quebec Full Album Zip

Last week, Mickey from Ween posted links to two cd's full of demos from Ween's Quebec album. He posted the links on facebook and took them down about an hour later, telling everyone to share them with fans.

Ween Quebec Full Album Zip

In 2006, Ween rented an old farmhouse and converted it into a working studio. After writing over 50 songs and recording rough versions through 2006, they picked through them and, with Andrew Weiss as producer, re-recorded album versions for what would become The Friends EP and the full-length La Cucaracha which were both released in 2007 on Rounder Records. La Cucaracha, which would prove to be Ween's final album, would later be called a 'big piece of shit' by Freeman, adding, 'I think the songs on it were good, or a bunch of songs, but overall that was a big clue Mickey and I were finito'.

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